KYL Official ERC-20 Contract is 0x67B6D479c7bB412C54e03dCA8E1Bc6740ce6b99C




Kylin Network offers any applications and blockchains (such as parachains and parathreads) instantaneous but reliable and valid on/off-chain market data and social data sources by leveraging the power of Polkadot/Substrate Framework on open networks.

Kylin Data Analytics is a combination of analytic tools designed for data warehouses. It provides a query engine and RESTful API for third-party applications and external analytics tools.
Kylin Data Oracle is an advanced decentralized data feeding protocol powered by Polkadot/Substrate offering multiple, real-time data sources with complementarity to and synergy with off-chain workers.
Kylin Data Marketplace is an open platform for data exchange and pricing. Dapps built on Polkadot can easily and efficiently collect both off-chain and on-chain data only paying a very competitive fee.
Kylin Token $KYL is the native token of Kylin Network which will play the role of governance and other utilities. $KYL is necessary to secure and power the decentralized data network.

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Kylin Oracle is an advanced decentralized data feeding protocol powered by Polkadot/Substrate offering multiple, real-time data sources with the complementarity and synergy to off-chain workers.

Data Consumer

Data consumers may represent smart contracts, APIs, blockchains, protocols, applications or any data repository.

Data Warehouse

Data Warehouse in Kylin Protocol is a decentralised on-chain repository of integrated data from one or more disparate data sources such as Oracle Nodes and the Arbitration Nodes.

Oracle Node (Miner)

Oracle Node handles all the data requests such as social data and market data from separate off-chain data sources, and signing the transactions of the Kylin parachain.

Arbitration Node (Arbitrator)

Arbitration Node guarantees the security and accuracy of external data by verifying the data integrity and the validity that Oracle Node provided.

Blockchain Node (Validator)

The bottom layer of Kylin Oracle is mainly built on a specialized blockchain network established by Substrate.



The Kylin Network Mainnet token KYL is necessary to secure and power the decentralized data network. The use-cases and utility of KYL include but not limited to:

Stake to be a Miner
or Arbitrator

All miners are required to stake KYL with a higher stake equating in a high probability of being selected to fulfill data requests.

Intermediary of

KYL tokens will be used to pay as a transaction, query fee, and also for data access behind paywall (private APIs).


KYL Token holders are able to vote for the protocol upgrades and parameter changes on Kylin Network.



Decentralized Insurance Automatic Payment

Through the Kylin Network to obtain timely and reliable events outside the insured chain, blockchain-based decentralized insurance can realize automatic payment of insurance such as flight delay insurance.

Stable Coins and Crypto Derivatives

Stablecoins and encrypted derivatives need to frequently obtain off-chain real-time price data. Kylin Network can obtain reliable data in multiple scenarios in real time and efficiently.

Crypto Asset Lending Platform

Kylin Network can provide real-time and reliable currency prices and borrower’s social media information, providing strong support for the dynamic determination of loan interest rates.

Cross-chain Decentralized Exchange

The lightweight Kylin Network interface that can be deployed on multiple chains provides the possibility for decentralized exchanges to realize cross-chain atomic transactions.

Decentralized Casinos and Games

On-chain decentralized casinos and games often require safe and reliable random injection. Kylin Network random number engine provides unpredictable and verifiable random number generation.

Blockchain Computing Market

Commercial computing such as machine learning training models and 3D rendering needs to complete a variety of complex computing tasks. The off-chain computing market provides verifiable and unlimited off-chain computing capabilities.

Strategic Investors
2020 Q2
Proof of Concept Core Protocol Prototype Establishment
2020 Q3
Draft and Improvement of the Whitepaper
2020 Q3
Development & Marketing Launch
2020 Q3
Official Whitepaper Publish
2020 Q4
Smart Contract Security Audit
2020 Q4
Private Testnet Release Internally
2021 Q1
Announce Bug Bounty Program
2021 Q1
Mainnet Test Version Online
2021 Q2
Implementing Bridges to Multiple Blockchains
2021 Q3
Mainnet Version 1.0 Online
2021 Q3
Integrating Testnet DApps and Partners to Mainnet